Upcoming Readings | April 11 & April 15

Anam Cara Storytellinganam_cara-april2015-BW
Irish American Heritage Center
Saturday, April 11

Since September 2014, I have spent most of my Thursday evenings at the memoir writing workshop at the Irish American Heritage Center. The workshops are lead by Oakton Community College Professor of English Virginia Gibbons and curated by the ever-commited and talented, Theresa Choske.

Anam Cara means soul friend. In these workshops, we bring what we can. We are informal, opening the second floor library doors each week to the working writer, the struggling writer, the young writer, the dreaming writer, the in-love writer, the grieving writer, the elder writer, the tired writer–any writer–to come to the table with a pen and paper and with what words, or lack of them, we are capable of carrying that day.

Anam Cara Storytelling is a celebration of the writing we have been capable of carrying for the past year. I will be reading about ghosts, as usual. Others will be reading about ghosts, too. I hope you’ll join us.


CHIRP Radio Presents: First Time, First Lie
Wednesday, April 15th

In 2012, I performed at CHIRP Radio‘s “First Time, First Digs” live lit event. I told a story about my first apartment in Massachusetts. I paired it with the Tom Waits’ song, “Hold On.” It was a magnificent experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to read again at “First Time, First Lie” at Martyrs’ on April 15. I won’t tell you what my first lie is, but I can assure you it will open an inverted world of wonder, faith, curiosity, satire, church, and restitution. Please, do come.


Performance Etiquette

The Interview

On Saturday, June 30th at 1:30 p.m. I will be performing in Collaboraction Theater Company’s 12th Annual Sketchbook Festival: Reincarnate in THE INTERVIEW.

In the vein of Neo-Futurism and Live Lit Storytelling, I am honored to be on the stage again. The performance is unscripted and the acting mind is one of emptying and clarity. What I may bring to the table is a Buddhist’s composure, a sassy etiquette, a poet’s critique, and an open heart.

I believe this type of performance breaks boundaries and breaks the theater’s fourth wall by being unabashedly honest. As a writer, I thrive on presenting shock that is rooted from a place that resembles home. My intent is not to trigger, but to muckrake and, more so, to present a commonality, a compassion, and an understanding in the human condition.

We are after all, humans. And if we can reach into ourselves and find truth and have courage to share it – why wouldn’t we?

I hope my truth resonates with yours.

“THE INTERVIEW [by Lawrence Bridges, directed by Ian Forester] is an unscripted theatrical experience that breaks new ground in documentary theater. Mr. Bridges, a seasoned experimental documentary and feature film director, has crafted a set of instructions for a solo performer, which prompt an unexpectedly personal and spontaneous theatrical experience. As the actor responds with stories and personal accounts to these previously unheard instructions, the play unfolds along a hidden arc, resulting in an unforgettable encounter between audience and performer. Since THE INTERVIEW can be done only once by a performer, no two shows will ever be the same. Part theater and part social experiment, THE INTERVIEW promises to be a funny, poignant, and thought-provoking examination of the human condition.”