Upcoming Readings | April 11 & April 15

Anam Cara Storytellinganam_cara-april2015-BW
Irish American Heritage Center
Saturday, April 11

Since September 2014, I have spent most of my Thursday evenings at the memoir writing workshop at the Irish American Heritage Center. The workshops are lead by Oakton Community College Professor of English Virginia Gibbons and curated by the ever-commited and talented, Theresa Choske.

Anam Cara means soul friend. In these workshops, we bring what we can. We are informal, opening the second floor library doors each week to the working writer, the struggling writer, the young writer, the dreaming writer, the in-love writer, the grieving writer, the elder writer, the tired writer–any writer–to come to the table with a pen and paper and with what words, or lack of them, we are capable of carrying that day.

Anam Cara Storytelling is a celebration of the writing we have been capable of carrying for the past year. I will be reading about ghosts, as usual. Others will be reading about ghosts, too. I hope you’ll join us.


CHIRP Radio Presents: First Time, First Lie
Wednesday, April 15th

In 2012, I performed at CHIRP Radio‘s “First Time, First Digs” live lit event. I told a story about my first apartment in Massachusetts. I paired it with the Tom Waits’ song, “Hold On.” It was a magnificent experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to read again at “First Time, First Lie” at Martyrs’ on April 15. I won’t tell you what my first lie is, but I can assure you it will open an inverted world of wonder, faith, curiosity, satire, church, and restitution. Please, do come.


The Bachelors & The Bowery Bums

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St. Brigid’s Cross

In the ever looming dark underbelly of holidays we never look forward to, there is another side that reflects celebration and choice in matter. One would think today the celebration of St. Valentinus, the patron saint of lovers, but I look to the Julian calendar and I read A portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl, and I celebrate St. Brigid of Kildare

“Brigid was the goddess of fire, whose manifestations were song, craftsmanship, and poetry, which the Irish considered the flame of knowledge.”

I celebrate this in the Orthodox Christian tradition. I celebrate this because I can’t bring myself to post The Saddest Mix Ever, a playlist compiled over years of heartache and song suggested by friends in pursuit of their own idea of ventriloquy and navigation of the heart’s ventricles.

I celebrate this because I like celebrating.

What I think is that connection is endless. It is a chemical and physical and causal reaction of the emotive state wherein it is difficult to pin, and it is difficult to name. 

I think what is important is that love is not expectation or reason to find fault. It is an extension of warmth. It is light in February.

I did send a few valentines today, because it feels good to send valentines. I sent them to people I am fond of and who warm my heart. I hope this gesture helps to warm theirs.

For the bachelors and the bowery bums, and for those who choose affinity, celebration, and poetry (because that is what they have) on this feast day:
Tom Waits looks very sexy in this photo.